Fine Art
, my current project is self-directed, filmed and edited.
Model Credits: Luisa Huyskens

Piece 1 & 2 // Self-directed, Filmed and Edited.

Short Film
The Quarter Life Crisis
- Self-directed, written, filmed and edited.
Sound Tech: Fatima Jabang
Sound Track: Cathy Ife

The Pathways Series

3 part documentary filmed in Brussels, Hope City Church
Director: Dave Gilpin
Video and Edit: Nikola Auterska
Sound: Sorcha Rooney
Sound Design and Sound Track: Joe Dunys

Rescue Story
City Hearts Rescue Programme

self-directed, filmed and edited.

Short Film
My Dad's Story

Self-directed, filmed and edited.

Short Doc
Food Faith Family

Director: Nikola Auterska
Cinematographer: Caroline Kholt
Sound & Edit: Caroline Kholt
Music Track: Rachael Kauffman