Nikola Auterska Cinematography

Olistic the Label ft Arizona Muse, imagining of the Winter Collection film

Olistic the Label x Arizona Muse on set, fashion video for their Winter Sustainable Collection

Olistic the Label ft Arizona Muse

Filmed & edited by Nikola A

Olistic the Label, the first French luxury sustainable fashion brand, and Arizona Muse, supermodel and environmental activist, co-created an exclusive capsule collection for the coming holiday season. 

Composed of a dozen organic pieces, the collection honors a minimalist aesthetic dear to both Arizona Muse and Olistic the Label. The limited-edition selection imagined by the eco-activist supermodel can be worn year after year: a meaningful vision of seasonless fashion as a tribute to Olistic’s core philosophy. This sustainable wardrobe transcends time and trends.

The sobriety of the wardrobe imagined by Arizona Muse reinforces its desirability. This timeless aesthetic is more than ever in the spirit of our times and responds to our thirst for authenticity. An environmental conscience to prepare, with style, the days ahead.

Offered in limited edition, the Arizona x Olistic capsule collection will be available from October 2020 on Olistic the Label’s website as well as in selected partners.