Nikola Auterska Cinematography

Anul Nou (New Year)

Short Film Trailer

Featured in Cultartes Magazine

Story by: Corina Andrian

Director/ Producer: Corina Andrian

Director of Photography: Nikola Auterska

Music composer: @adrianpiciorea

Performers: @corina.andrian

Cristina Tudor




Mask design/Costume: Corina Andrian

Cristina Tudor (ritual master mask)



The renewal of the year embodies the idealised perfect new beginning which is why humankind has always anticipated the arrival of the New Year (“Anul Nou”). However, the very first New day is already decaying and old with accumulated time and loss. Time rebirths annually, matures, ages and dies. The presence of the Romanian masks marks a necessary process of renovating time and space when nothing is created nor revealed. Their complex ritual celebrates the sacred interlude between two years when one can briefly identify oneself with the truth, as eternal.